"Otot" association

"Otot" association, a registered nonprofit association, was established in 1981 to provide an out-of-home solution within the community for teens and young adults at risk from peripheral populations. It offers treatment within out-of-home frameworks for more than 2300 teens and young adults a year, and its entire frameworks are operated under the supervision of the Welfare Ministry.The association operates 34 housing frameworks and solutions for young people throughout the country and provides them, within these frameworks, with care, education and rehabilitation, while integrating them within the surrounding community. It offers solutions for youth and young adults from different backgrounds and operates designated frameworks for the Jewish and Arab sectors, as well as for the ultra-Orthodox and religious sectors and the LGBT community.


Within the association exists a wide variety of projects in the fields of sports, music, education, and more.


The association's goals:

The association sees itself committed to care for youths and young people who are at the edges of the educational-treatment spectrum in Israel. These youths and young people are at risk and in danger, after being expelled from education systems within the community.