Otot Association

“Otot” association, a registered nonprofit association, was established in 1981 to provide an out-of-home solution within the community for teens and young adults at risk from peripheral populations. It offers treatment within out-of home frameworks for more than 2300 teens and young adults a year, and its entire frameworks are operated under the supervision of the Welfare Ministry.
The association operates 34 housing frameworks and solutions for young people throughout the country and provides them, within these frameworks, with care, education and rehabilitation, while integrating them within he surrounding community. It offers solutions for youth and young adults from different backgrounds and operates designated facilities for the Jewish and Arab sectors, as well as for the ultra-Orthodox and religious sectors and the LGBT community.

Our goals:

  • Providing care services for youth who are at the edges of the care and education spectrum.
  • Developing quality professional care and education services.
  • Integrating teens within the community.

Services provided by the association

“Shelters” – Hostels providing a solution for teenagers ejected from their home to the street and are under distress and risk situations. Every year these “shelters” provide an immediate solution for hundreds of youths from all sectors and strata of society. These frameworks are temporary and they provide youths with a shelter, food and a warm bed, while at the same time also providing support, are services and a bridge between them and the families of origin. At the end of the process, these boys and girls are directed to unique long-term frameworks that personally fit each and every one of them, and if possible, they return to their home.

Alternative to detention – a hostel used as an alternative to detention for juvenile delinquents for a period of three months. During this time these boys receive care services in every aspect of life. The purpose of this alternative is to form a “springboard” for further treatment and rehabilitation within long-term frameworks.
Long-term frameworks – hostels for boys and girls at risk and distressed aged 13-19. These hostels are located in private homes within the community and host youths from across the country, through reference from social services offices, a youth-law social worker and the probation service. These youths receive at the hostel a warm and homely framework, accompanied by adult and benevolent characters and professional emotional care. These hostels form a safe environment for youths who have experienced many crises in the course of their lives, while the attempt is to enable them to gain the same achievements gained by their peers, including complete matriculation studies and preparation for military service and national service. In addition to the educational frameworks in which these boys and girls are integrated during the morning hours, the hostels also provide routine afternoon activities, which include educational programs, classes, extreme and field activities, use of the ocean as a therapeutic tool using a yacht, therapy groups and individual mentoring.

Learning Centers – “Otot” association operates seven learning centers throughout the country. These centers provide a solution for hundreds of teens with major learning gaps, who need programs especially tailored for them, including completion of study years and preparation for matriculation exams.

The “Young People” program – an array of housing solutions that include guidance and support for young people with no family support, aged 18-26. The aim of the program is to serve as one more step in the integration of these young people within the community, through the guidance of a dedicated team. This is the last link in the process of their rehabilitation towards independent living.


The association's vision

The association sees itself committed to provide care to teenagers at the edges of the educational-care spectrum in Israel. These boys and girls are at risk and danger situations, after being ejected from educational frameworks within the community, and they are in need for an out-of-home care solution, in the absence of parental authority and ability to take care of all their developmental needs. The association operates its frameworks within the community, in the belief that this combination contributes to the rehabilitation process, and that it is the interest of society as a whole. It provides care for youths coming from various populations and backgrounds and is committed to provide culturally sensitive solutions, for every religion and gender.The association will initiate and develop unique educational and care programs and will serve as a leading professional entity in the development of innovative tools.