Administrative Board

Ronit Livnat
Administrative board

רונית ועד מנהל

Ronit joined the administrative board in 2017. She had a long career in Human Resource management. In the past few years she is volunteering in social non-profit organizations. She believes that a welcoming home and supportive environment are necessary for creating a future for youth at risk.

Alice Saltpeter
Administrative board

Alice been a Board member since 2011. Prior to joining as a Board member Alice volunteered for several years in the “Makom Acher” hostel in Tel Aviv. Alice comes from the high-tech sector and is currently working as a certified Reiki therapist.

Relli Rabinowitz


Relli is a board member since 2003 and Chairman of the Board since June 2014, Relli served as vice president of the … Association


Shmuel Dagan
Administrative board


Shmuel Dagan, a psychologist by training, joined the administrative board in 2000. Throughout the years he has worked with youth at risk in different capacities: probation officer, rehabilitation supervisor and finally as the manager of the Israeli Youth Rehabilitation Service.

Zvika Idan
Administrative board

צביקה עידן

Zvika is a member of the Board since 2016 and he chose to contribute from the professional expertise he gained during his work years and join the Association in order to enhance and improve the programs of the association, both in terms of personnel and in terms of improving the state of the youths and young people treated through the association’s frameworks.
Zvika serves as a personal development coach, while previously he served as CEO of Alut and Col. Ret.

Ruth Leventhal
Administrative board

In 2014 she joined “Otot” Executive Council. Since 1995 she serves as a partner and Co-CEO at Sadan-Leventhal economic and regional consulting company. She co-authored a book examining Israel’s economy and many papers examining economic issues and regional and urban economics.


Eti Reuveni
Administrative board

אתי ועד מנהל

Joined the administrative board in 2017. Today serves as HR and payroll manager at E.V.X Israel. She also serves as public representative in Israel’s labor tribunal and teaches workshops on the labor market. Otot allows her to contribute in the field of youth care, which is important to her.