OTOT Association operates since 1981, and provides a solution for young people at risk between the ages of 13-26, by assisting with housing, exercising rights and providing tools for a functioning life in Israeli society. 
The association operates about 34 out-of-home frameworks and temporary housing solutions nationwide as part of community life.
The association has dedicated frameworks for the Jewish, Arab, religious – ultra-Orthodox sectors and the LGBT community, in order to adapt the needs and provide a homely and safe housing solutions.

The association provides a solution for over 2,300 young people a year, who do not have family support and / or do not function on their own.
The association’s activities are supervised by the Ministry of Welfare, the Ministry of Labor, which sees the association as a natural partner in leading the development and implementation of programs in the field of youth at-risk.
OTOT won the prestigious Recanati Award in 2018 for an innovative project that provides a solution for young women without family support.

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