The Need

Otot has had to find a home for a new service or relocate from rented physical spaces 3-5 times a year.

Each move has required an investment of funds to adapt the new location to Otot’s needs, as best as possible given the limitations of each location. As was the case in past locations, most facilities have professional and educational and therapeutic l drawbacks.

Some projects must relocate, as has happened in the past, when a city decided that there were too many services concentrated in a specific area, or an acute need arose for a new service that needed a facility.

Oftentimes, the current space and its surrounding area are not completely outfitted to accommodate

the target population and the staff.

Each new framework cannot become operational until it is adapted, renovated, and equipped for its designated purpose such as a kitchen, dining room, a large communal space for lectures and group activities, bathrooms, bedrooms for the youth, and learning spots.

Bedrooms, for example, at times double as where therapy or tutoring is conducted, with the concomitant noise and other distractions.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services has been a long time supporter of Otot and funds the rental payments for each of our premises. Otot on its part raises the funds necessary for the renovation and equipment required. Once the funding is raised and the modifications implemented, the facility will meet professional and educational standards.


Project Description and Funding Request

Otot’s programs are purposely community-based. This is predicated on its belief that integration into society is the most important factor in working with its population, and therefore they should not be further marginalized. Since all of its facilities are long-term rentals, each must be adapted to serving their designated, mostly therapeutic and educational purposes.

Otot aims to achieve a functional, pleasant, and inviting facility. To this end it requires philanthropic funding to assist with:

  • Converting the facility into spaces that will allow for the nature of the residential, therapeutic, and educational functions :
    • Bedrooms and a functional kitchen/dining room
    • Group activities
    • Therapy rooms
    • Offices
  • Purchasing:
    • Durable and suitable furniture
    • Equipment for each of the different spaces


When programs are launched, and facilities are secured- renovation and equipment is required. Otot on its part developed a comprehensive plan with which it does and will convert the property into a first- class facility.

Otot, as in the past, will commit funds raised from public and private sources, to adapt, renovate, and equip each of its facilities in need of this, but further assistance is needed as projected expenses total $. Otot is seeking sources so that each project can be fully implemented.

We hope and trust that the XY Foundation will consider a grant, with the amount decided upon at the Trustees discretion, for the capital support or a specific dedication. There would be dedication opportunities of spaces, and so we would be honored to host the Foundation’s Trustees as soon as the necessary tasks are completed, and to hold a dedicatory ceremony at an appropriate time.


Project Evaluation and Criteria for Success

Project success will be measured initially by the completion of the adaption, renovation, and equipping according to the projected timetable and within the projected budget. Dedicated spaces will serve their unique purposes, whether as bedrooms, therapy and education spaces, or group activities.



The Otot facilities serve as a home for young people receiving the entire spectrum of Otot’s services, designed to prepare them for Israeli society upon leaving Otot. Completing the renovations and equipping each facility is crucial for fully achieving this goal.