“Otot” association appreciates the contribution of the hundreds of volunteers working within its frameworks and assist it in its important journey to rescue youths at risk and in distress who need a supportive out-of-home framework, and thanks them.

Most of the association’s volunteers volunteer during either the mornings or the evening hours, helping with providing classes, private lessons for boys and girls, cooking lunch or dinner and with the fundraising. We strive to employ volunteers who can commit to arrive regularly over time, in order to form a long-term relationship with the youths and prevent another experience of abandonment.

There is an option of either group or individual volunteering. We only accept volunteers over the age of 24, in an attempt to create an age gap between the volunteers and the young people staying at the hostel.

The association’s frameworks are open to suggestions and ideas of volunteers in various areas: One-time workshops, lectures, classes, help in collecting donations and in transporting the teenagers, and the like.

All the association’s volunteers undergo training and guidance throughout their entire volunteering period.

How Do I Join?

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