Excerpts from good-bye letters of “Atnachta” tenants

Excerpts from good-bye letters of "Atnachta" tenants

In Atnachta I started feeling, started crying! Which is out of this world. I felt alive, even though it was hard for me to deal with all the emotions which overwhelmed me, and I was very confused. At Atnachta I started laughing, genuine laugh… I thank you for the many things you have done for me, such as – improving my mood, your support, encouragement and thoughtfulness. You’ve helped me when I needed you and were always there for me even in the most difficult moments.

You offered me a home and protection, which I never had before. It’s like a heat stroke, which you feel throughout your body, and this heat, care and love grant you with a will to live and to never want to die. Even when I was in my room alone I felt I was given a hand, that I was held tightly to prevent me from falling… And you let me feel that I was worth something. You’ve shown me the beauty in life. This agenda made me feel alive, stable, and very powerful. If you see me smile you should know that it’s because of you.

It is important for me to say greatly thank you for accepting me for what I am and for respecting and loving me. I leave Atnachta feeling sure that I could make it anywhere, thanks to you. I hope that “Atnachta” could help many more young boys and girls who need help.

I’ve been here almost two months, and those were the most beautiful moments of my life and I will never forget you. This place is wonderful, cozy, special, perfect for short. The team were as parents for me, or even more than that. Whenever I felt bad or just in a bad mood – the guides always knew how to come and talk to me and help, and also to make me feel that i’m neing loved and needed. I hope that some of the boys here will learn to respect the place as I respected it and learned see the good things that this place has to offer, and not the difficult and unpleasant things.