Long term Frameworks

Long-term frameworks - hostels for boys and girls at risk and distressed aged 13-19. These hostels are located in private homes within the community and host youths from across the country, through reference from social services offices, a youth-law social worker and the probation service. These youths receive at the hostel a warm and homely framework, accompanied by adult and benevolent characters and professional emotional care. These hostels form a safe environment for youths who have experienced many crises in the course of their lives, while the attempt is to enable them to gain the same achievements gained by their peers, including complete matriculation studies and preparation for military service and national service. In addition to the educational frameworks in which these boys and girls are integrated during the morning hours, the hostels also provide routine afternoon activities, which include educational programs, classes, extreme and field activities, use of the ocean as a therapeutic tool using a yacht, therapy groups and individual mentoring.