"On the brink of the abyss it is still possible to stop the children of the night asking for light"

- Ehud Banai

OTOT Association provides a solution for boys and girls, young men and women at risk, which includes assistance with housing and out-of-home settings, exercising rights and providing tools for a functioning life in Israeli society.

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Learning centers

OTOT Association operates seven learning centers in collaboration with the Hila Program, a program established due to the need to provide a unique response to youth dropping out of formal settings for various reasons, and the need to integrate them.

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About Us

The association assists adolescents, young men and women without family support at the end of the educational-supportive continuum in Israel, who are at risk and in danger after being expelled from educational settings and / or their home and need out-of-home care, in the absence of an authoritative figure to take care of all their developmental needs.

The association operates its frameworks within the community with the understanding that integration contributes to the rehabilitation process and is a common goal of the entire society. The association provides care to boys and girls, young men and women from a variety of different populations and backgrounds, and is committed to providing solutions adapted to different cultures, religions and genders.

The association initiates and develops unique educational and supportive programs and serves as a leading professional entity in the development of innovative tools for boys and girls, for young men and women at risk.

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The association’s offices: 18 Talpiot Jerusalem, PO Box 53380 ● Phone: 02-6710095 ● Fax: 02-6728614 ● Email: mail@otot-il.org.il