Housing Frames

Long term & Short term

The association’s frameworks provide a solution for boys and girls, young men and women who are in life-threatening situations and need a framework that could serve as a safe haven for them, from a short-term shelter to a long-term hostel solutions, which provide a solution for physical security and fulfill basic needs. The young men and women are supported by social workers in exercising their rights and receiving mental-emotional support from the staff.

Short-term housing frameworks provide an immediate emergency response, safe shelter, hot water and hot food, and provide boys and girls with everything they need to be protected and safe.

The long-term frameworks also provide a rehabilitative framework offering a daily schedule aimed at reintegration within the community, guiding the young men and women, accompany them and provide them with a daily schedule that teaches the boy / girl how to form an integral part of society. The daily schedule includes, among other things, studies, a source of employment and enrichment in learning centers within or outside the framework.

The association operates youth frameworks nationwide and provides young men and women with care, education and rehabilitation, with the aim of integrating them within the surrounding community. The association offers solutions to young men and women from different backgrounds and operates specialized frameworks for the Jewish, Arab, religious, ultra-Orthodox and LGBT sectors.